Philippine Aprile Mandillon graduated with honours as an interior architect and designer from the École Camondo in 2013.

She first touched on the socially-driven preservation of cultural, tangible and intangible in Tamil Nadu in 2009, while working for the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage. From 2010 to 2013, her various experiences and exchange programmes abroad, in such cities and neighbourhoods as Queens in NYC or Puducherry, or with the Politecnico di Milano, led her to question non-places and capable spaces*, thus enhancing her conceptualization of spaces with a holistic view of contexts.

She was already very inspired by the architectural scale arising from existing structures but it then became obvious to her that thinking and designing an interior architecture project can only be done with a proper understanding of these entangled scales, existing units and uses. Following several collaborations and assignments in southern India, she developed a method based on the understanding of these contexts by creating her own tools, among which MATRIMOINE, opting for an open, collaborative and cross-disciplinary approach. Since 2013, Philippine Aprile Mandillon has worked for a variety of companies, interior architecture studios and architecture studios including MESSIKA, LUXSENSE, MARIE COLINE FILMS and PCA-STREAM, where she directed or collaborated on projects involving private, cultural, office and retail spaces.

In 2017, she founded studio PAMPA with Alexis Markovics. The studio very naturally develops projects, from the question of uses and programming to site supervision, in collaboration with architects, urban planners, designers, scenographers, plastic artists and film directors, as well as anthropologists and cognitive scientists.